Existing Web Site Maintenance

Online, perception is reality - period. The quality of your site from the verbiage to the graphics and structure will all lend to the levels of professionalism and credibility gleamed by those who visit your site and whether or not they will contact you or even visit again.

I will say up front, that I am brutally honest when it comes to this gig - to not be will get us both nowhere. I pride myself on working with people who are business savvy, understand the value that my services & vast experience bring to the table, and will invest in their business accordingly to have it "done right" by a professional... especially in today's ultra-competitive market.

So I am assuming that if you are looking for redesign or maintenance services for your already existing Web site, possibly your previous Web Developer or Web Development Firm did not work out to your expectations and you may have already learned some of the above... the hard way.

I can assess your existing site and determine if the basics are in place for a professional image, cross platform reliability (i.e. clean code up to current standards - not WYSIWYG generated with a program like Microsoft FrontPage), perceived business creditability, mobile responsivness and the basics for Search Engines efforts. As I do not rebuild or modify sites that were not produced correctly, if necessary, I will recommend (if you are serious about your online identity) that we start from scratch and produce your site correctly in order to insure any level of success.

On the other hand, you may have a site that actually has all, or most of the elements referenced, and in that case, bring it on. ;-)